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Home Lovers

For those who love their home and find serenity in furniture that comes from nature.


Exceptions & Contradictions. A style out of time, with a lot of personality. This is the New Urban Chic. Decoration without limits.


Delicate legacy of nature transformed into art by skilled craftsmen

Classic Rattan

The elegance of shapes and colors and the quality in every detail manage to transform this raw material

Modern Rattan

Beautiful, robust and respectful with the environment, the Rattan is a way of life


Planted, cultivated and harvested in Spain. Handwoven. Humble and Noble is the wicker.


Heart of the rattan cane. Original from Indonesia and woven in Spain to create sophistication and elegance.

Decorative Lighting

Capricious and organic forms. Anemones, corals and rocks that illuminate and give warmth to your home.


Ultramodern design pieces made of pith and steel, rattan or wood. Fusion of art and nature.


Warm interiors. Aromas of wood, pith and leather. Terra. Essences of the earth.


Elegance and Passion. The baroque spirit leads us. Curves, sophistication and exoticism. Drama, romantic expression. "Baroque", a new vision of the classic.

Arts Book

The Book of Arts is full of Secrets. A Show where Elegance prevails. Spirit in its natural state. Pure Caprice.


White and Gray, details in Green. Contrasts with a touch of Purple. Washed Graphite is a color. The modern is White and Black.


Painting and Polychromy. Ambiguity between the classic and the contemporary.  Interior and Exterior Extravagance . Human environments. Freedom.


High decoration with timeless aesthetics and designs. Geometric shapes and neutral colors. Century is steel and marble, velvets and mirrors.

Ars Vivendi

Living is an Art. Love your everyday environment. Feel serenity in cozy ambiences. Wood, fabrics, forges, glass and mirrors. Ars Vivendi, the Art of Life.


Mediterranean roots. Scents, colors and magical flavors. Oneiric atmospheres to dream of on summer nights.


Disconnect and relax. Feel the sea breeze, the sun, the salt and the blue sky. Close your eyes. Enjoy a world of sensations.

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